We connect hiring companies to our network of candidates - moms, caregivers and others that need flexible work.

The way we work is rapidly changing; we help employers redesign jobs and attract top talent by promoting flexible scheduling. Our goal is to help shift corporate culture away from strict 9-5 schedules and into a more family-friendly, flexible future. This shift better supports mothers, caregivers and others in the workplace.

Let us show you the benefits of implementing flexible scheduling!

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We’ve created a network of talented, experienced and ready-to-work candidates.

We use social recruiting and community building to help you attract the best candidates. It’s a tough talent market – flexible work has become one of the most sought after hiring perks. Let us show you how to use it to attract top talent to your vacancy. When you post a job with us, we present you with screened, vetted candidates. Helping you reduce time to hire, cost to hire and attract top talent all at once. Get your job vacancy exposure with an entirely new group of candidates.

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Post your flexible job for free. Match you with pre-vetted, ready to hire candidates.


Maternity Coverage

Help you cover talent gaps with contract candidates.


Job Redesign Consulting

We help your organization adapt to flexible scheduling, remote work and create the workplaces of the future.


Diversity Consulting

We help your organization attract, retain and engage with your working mother employees. 

Employer Focused Insights

Creating family-friendly, flexible workplaces.

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Download our paper on the benefits of flexible work.