About Us

The Working Mom Initiative is a growing HR Tech start up located in Halifax, NS Canada. We are shaking up the recruitment industry by using technology to streamline the recruitment process. We fight for gender equality in the workplace and believe in the benefits flexible work provides working mothers.

The Story

We believe in creating family-friendly, flexible workplaces. The Working Mom Initiative was founded in October 2018 after Lyndsay came face to face with the juggle of being a full-time working mother. Working over 100 hours a week between paid and unpaid care work, she became burnt-out and stressed. There simply had to be a better way to work!

This led her to successfully negotiate a flexible work position for herself. It then became her mission to help other mothers find better ways to work. The Working Mom Initiative is being developed as a talent marketplace with the aim of providing candidates Canada wide with the opportunity to connect and access family-friendly hiring companies. 

Our Team

Lyndsay Arsenault

Founder, CEO

Lyndsay is a mom of 2 amazing children; they are her inspiration for finding better ways to work. Her entrepreneurial spirit guides the initiative with a vision for creating more family-friendly, flexible workplaces. Before embarking on her entrepreneurship journey, Lyndsay worked in many different corporate sectors, including banking, accounting, sales, marketing and finance.

Jennifer MacHattie

CFO, Consultant

Jennifer has over ten years of dedicated accounting and business experience. Including seven years of financial analysis, budget preparation, and problem-solving mixed with ten years of reconciliation and process improvements in both SMEs and start-up/early growth companies. 

Jennifer Enahoro

Social Media and Community Engagement

Jennifer has 2 school-aged children. In November, she joined The Working Mom Initiative to help grow our community of candidates in a part-time, flexible role. She is a content super-star with a background in PR.