Working Mothers – The Most Untapped Segment of the Candidate Marketplace

by Jacqueline Klaus
29 September 2021
According to the United States Working Bureau, working mothers make up a significant part of the labour force, accounting for under one-third (32%) of all employed women. So, why are they the most untapped segment of the candidate marketplace?

Reality is, women often hit what is referred to as “the maternal wall bias”. This bias is the belief that working mothers are less competent or less committed and is a major problem in the workplace. The University of Chicago Press Journals conducted a laboratory experiment by making fictitious resumes and applying for jobs. Some of the resumes included parent teacher committees and other associations with motherhood, while others did not. They did this with both male and female names. The experiment found that mothers were penalized on a host of measures, including perceived competence and recommended starting salary. Men were not penalized for and sometimes benefited from, being a parent.

It really is disappointing to see that these, sometimes unconscious, biases keep working mothers from getting that promotion they deserve or from landing their dream job. What most don’t recognize is that working mothers are the most untapped segment of the candidate marketplace. 

You’ll read in our blog post, 8 Workplace Skills that Working Moms have Mastered, that working moms are the single most resilient, flexible group of workers there is. Working moms are over-skilled, well educated and under-employed. If you have tasks that need to be completed – hire a mom to do it!

We wholeheartedly believe that women could rule the world. We also think that way about fathers and other caregivers too. 

That’s why The Working Mom Initiative was created. We saw a gap in the marketplace and we are here to work with employers to help create flexible workplaces as well as work with candidates to find the perfect fit. We are working hard to get mothers and caregivers alike back into the workforce.  It’s about creating family-friendly, flexible workplaces.
If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your business create flexible work options, or if you are interested in finding your next career opportunity, contact us today!