The Shift to Skill Based Recruitment

by Jacqueline Klaus
9 June 2021
How employers source, engage and hire top talent has been changing rapidly for the past five years. Employers are shifting away from traditional recruitment strategies and searching for time efficient and cost effective measures to access and engage top talent. This has caused a shift from traditional recruitment strategies to skill based recruitment. The Working Mom Initiative operates a skill matching strategy - focusing less on qualifications and more on skill identification. So what’s the difference? Employers are starting to recognize that focusing on a core set of skills is more important than qualifications.

Traditional Recruitment 

You’ve probably heard the quote, “Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them”, found in a Hewlett Packard internal report, and has been quoted in Lean In, The Confidence Code. The issue with traditional recruiting is that the qualifications sometimes just aren’t enough and it leaves the employer with overlooked talent pools that may have the best skills to offer.  Some of the most overlooked talent pools include working moms, caregivers and others that need flexible work – read our blog that explores 8 workplace skills that working moms have mastered

Often, the recruiter is focused on placing the qualifications first, rather than the skills. Meanwhile, skills are becoming more relevant in today’s jobs with many workplaces and roles evolving quicker than ever. Additionally, these overlooked candidates often are happier in roles they wouldn’t traditionally be hired for. According to new LinkedIn data, “Employees without a traditional four-year degree stay 34% longer than employees with such a degree”.

Skill-Based Recruitment

According to a Harvard Business Review, “A 2019 survey of 3,500 managers found that only 29% of new hires have all the skills required for their current roles, let alone for future ones.” 

A role is often defined by the person working in it – it can be as advanced or basic as the employer allows. Skill-based recruitment allows employers to focus on the essential skills, allowing qualifications and the past of how they candidate obtained those skills to be obsolete. This style of recruitment allows the employer to cast a wide net to find the right candidates who have the skills and potential skills of what the role could become.

Top 6 skills employers are looking for in 2021

  1. Decision Making
    The ability to make sound decisions in difficult situations will make you stand out from the crowd. It demonstrates your skills to get things done – especially while working remotely. 
  2. Collaboration
    Working from home can often feel like you are alone. Collaboration is alive and well in the workplace, even while working remotely. Maintaining and building relationships is also a highly noted top skill, so don’t let this one get away from you. Collaboration is key to getting the right information to complete and disseminate projects and information. 
  3. Change Management
    The only thing constant is change. Showing that you are adaptable and able to change things on your end or help others prioritize is imminent for every organization. 
  4. Time Management
    Time management has become more relevant than ever – it means building trust and being honest with your employer, particularly when working from home. Having the skills to set priorities and goals while staying on track demonstrates your ability to manage your time.
  5. Communication
    Communication, verbal or written, is a vital skill for employees. Being clear and concise will help you go far.
  6. Computer Skills
    Hard skills like computer skills are also highly sought for. In today’s changing work environments, being technically adept will help you land that job!

Employers – Not sure what skills would benefit the position you are hiring for? We can help you identify them.

Candidates – Development of your skill competencies are incredibly important. Identifying your core skill set and keeping them up to date on your The Working Mom Initiative Profile helps us match you with our job opportunities.

Are you looking to make the change in how you recruit for your next position? Ready to tap into new talent pools? Contact us today so we can help you find the right candidate for your company.