Working From Home – Skills & Tips

by Jacqueline Klaus
19 May 2021
Working from home isn’t for everyone, some of us love it while others, not so much. When searching for work from home opportunities, there are some specific skills you should have and work to develop. Identifying gaps in your skill set and work hard to develop them.

Here are some key skills that are important when working from home:


One of the most important skills candidates looking for remote work must have is top-notch  communication skills. E-mails, chat, virtual meetings, phone calls and sometimes even text messages. Miscommunication can cause frustration and sometimes, false alarms. Clear communication through every channel is critical to build trust, relationships and success within that role. 


Working remotely means being proactive in meeting deadlines, asking questions and focusing. There can be many distractions working from home which is why demonstrating your organizational skills when applying for jobs is essential. Explain how you manage multiple tasks while completing projects on time. 


Working remotely might mean working with people outside of your time-zone, adapting to new technology and using a filing system that you might completely disagree with. Having a willingness to adjust is critical to your success. 


Find the times of day where you are able to focus your attention on tasks that need to be done. It’s important to prioritize tasks and focus on them accordingly. This may mean evaluating what time of day you work. Everyone has key times where they are able to focus better than others. This is part of the beauty of flexible work – you are in control of your own schedule. Learning what times are easiest to focus is skill you can develop using your intuition, what works best for you.

Our tips for working remotely

  • Start your day as if you were headed into the office. Keeping routine and starting early will help you keep your day on track. Eat breakfast! It is so important to take care of yourself while working remotely. Create a routine that works for you.
  • Take a break. Whether it is getting outside for a walk or taking a dedicated lunch-hour. Helping to define your  day will help you plan better to complete the task at hand.
  • Have a dedicated workspace – some colleagues miss going to the office because of the physical characteristics like their work chair and desk. If you are working permanently from home, talk to your employer and make sure you have a proper workspace setup.
  • Keep your properties and deadlines top of mind. Make sure you are organized and keep track of tasks in notable places. 
  • Be honest. Some of us have kids at home through shut-downs due to COVID. Being open and honest with your employer will always help you manage your time and expectations from your boss. 

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