8 Workplace Skills that Working Moms have Mastered.

by Lyndsay Arsenault
1 April 2021
A lot of people ask me, "Why hire a mom?" My answer is usually the following; "Working moms are the single most over skilled, over-educated, overlooked and untapped segment of the candidate market." Or, as a mentor once told me, "it's the right thing to do!" Read on for the eight skills that working moms learn to master as they navigate parenthood. Candidates, get ready to tap into your skills and learn how they are valid transferable work skills.

Working mothers have to overcome a lot of biases in the workplace. Often the hardest one is the perception that working moms are bad employees. This stigma follows them from the interview into the cubicle. 

It’s quite the opposite. Working moms are the single most resilient, flexible group of workers there is. Working moms are over-skilled, over-educated and under-employed. If you have tasks that need to be completed – hire a mom to do it! 

As recruitment moves away from task-based employment to soft skills, it was vital for me to showcase the skills earned in parenthood. These are real-life skills that transfer to the workplace, and all working moms have them.

Time Management

Time management is the process of organizing and planning how to divide your time amongst your responsibilities. Every day, working moms exercise and practice their time management skills, and when you practice a skill, you get really, really good at it.

Daycare drop-offs, after-school activities, birthday parties and family dinners – these activities all require an incredible amount of daily planning, organization, scheduling and time management. No one knows how to optimize time as mothers do.

This skill translates to the workplace in the best ways. As employees, mothers can prioritize, organize and execute tasks with ease. They’ve developed efficiency into all that they do!


Negotiation is defined as “a strategic discussion that revolves around an issue in a way that both parties find acceptable.” 

When you have children, your negotiation skills must be on point, available on-demand, and work in high-pressure situations. There are arguments over toys, food; you name it – the kids will find something to argue about. It’s just part of parenthood.

Having negotiation skills is critical in many roles that involve customer service and sales. The ability to defuse a situation, negotiate a reasonable outcome, and resolve is essential.

People Skills

Becoming a parent means socializing. There are mom groups, family picnics and school functions. Even the most introverted person eventually finds a way to get good at socializing at these events. They are unavoidable.

Working moms develop communications skills throughout motherhood. Moms are used to communicating with many different personalities and energies daily. 

When you have good communication skills in the workplace, there is a positive impact across everything you do. Building relationships with clients, customers, bosses – people skills are an essential skill in the workplace.


Budgeting is creating a plan on how to spend your money. It is an essential skill that you pick up in parenting quickly. The ability to plan, execute and stick to a budget is important in every household.

Budgeting translates to the workplace in many ways. It is basic accounting and bookkeeping. The ability to read, understand and manage cash-flows is a crucial skill used across all businesses. The success of their companies depends on the correct execution of this skill.


When you have children, you become their first teacher and their first coach. You learn to coach your children through life and its many, many obstacles.

This skill translates to the workplace, and working moms make incredible peer coaches within workplaces. They are often ready and willing to train new staff and actively engage in learning and coaching opportunities. 

Project Management

Define, plan, execute, control and close are the five main stages of project management. Working moms manage several big projects a year including, Christmas, parties, family events – the list goes on.

Having the skills to be able to execute a project comes naturally to most working moms. The ability to deliver a project on budget and under tight deadlines is valuable to any employer.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving is the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues. Mothers become expert problem solvers and are often forced to solve complex problems at home, with schools and in life in general. 

Working moms have several skills that make them experts at solving problems. Analytical thinking, innovation, creativity, flexibility, initiative and resilience are all skills that are transferred to the workplace.

If you have a complex issue – ask a mom how to solve it!


Research skills are defined as “the ability to gather, review, analyze and organize information on a topic.” Before you become a parent, it starts. You begin researching everything about parenthood at its many stages. From the newborn life to sleep regressions, a mom’s best friend is Google. What to feed the kids, how much sleep should they be getting? In motherhood, researching is a skill you quickly pick up. 

The ability to gather, review, analyze and organize information is essential in the corporate world. Are you preparing reports? You need research skills. Marketing to new consumers? Research skills. 

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