We match talented women with thriving companies.

We work with successful companies across all industries committed to supporting women as they navigate parenthood while growing their professional careers.

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We connect our candidates to flexible work with the best companies.

We work with talented, experienced and ambitious candidates connecting them to work with family-friendly, flexible employers.

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Choose employers that are your biggest cheerleaders.

We work with employers that ‘get it’ and are committed to supporting our candidates’ unique needs in this workplace. This helps our candidates find a better balance between work and family responsibilities. Our employment partners are forward-thinking, innovative, adaptable and passionate about empowering our candidates in the workplace.


We work with talented, educated and experienced candidates.

Did you know that 86% of millennial candidates would consider switching careers if they were offered one with better flexibility? Flexibility has become one of the most sought-after hiring perks. Working moms often struggle to find the right balance between meaningful employment and parenthood. That’s where we come in.


Success Stories

Flexible work opportunities provide me with a way to maintain the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of my family and myself at the same time. Thank you to The Working Mom Initiative for making it happen. Jennifer E. Read more success stories

Success Stories

I was offered a job right away and was even given praise for my cover letter by the employer! I highly recommend The Working Mom Initiative. Lyndsay is easy to work with, and she knows what she is doing. Thank you for helping me land my first job in my new field. Caitlin M. Read more success stories

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